Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's hard to believe that here I am....14 weeks pregnant with our second IVF baby due in May. 

It's taken some time for the news to sink in - that I really am pregnant and that there is (apparently) a live, healthy baby inside me right now. 

Today I had an ultrasound in the OB's office.  It's amazing how formed the baby is now..it looks like a tiny, real baby.  Somehow it made it feel more real.  The nervousness about the appointment turned into excitement. 

I feel I'm at a curve in the road right now.  I need to let go of some of the trauma associated with all of the years of fighting infertility, and going through cycle after cycle of IVF treatment.  I want to let go of the fear and apprehension of early pregnancy, and the anxiety that the pregnancy won't last.  I need to move forward in my life now with confidence and joy and extreme extreme thankfulness that I am finally in this position. 

I always wanted to have two children.  I feel that I am so close to fulfilling that life ambition.  It's not that my life would have been any less worthwhile if I had no children or just an only child.  But there is something incredibly special about having your heart's desires finally fulfilled after so many years of hurting. 

I know I'm not there yet.  There are many things that can still go wrong.  But today I felt that we are so close.

I am incredibly thankful and humbled right now. 


  1. So excited for you!!! Isn't it amazing how, even at 14 weeks, it looks like an actual baby?!?! Love it!!!! Hope you are feeling good!

  2. You can't describe your feelings when you hear the news of success of your ivf cycle. It is amazing to have a baby with this treatment.

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