Monday, January 3, 2011

The Plan

I was a little sad to see the end of 2010. For me, it was probably the best year of my life. My little lady was born and my husband and I became new parents. Looking back now it was a bit of a shock adjusting to the relentless demands of parenthood. But we're doing well enough to consider reaching for that holy grail one more time.
We have huge plans for 2011. They're so insanely stressful that I wonder why we're contemplating them...But the potential rewards will outweigh the inevitable stress. So we have set a massive challenge for ourselves in the hope the gamble will pay off.
The most influential/difficult challenge is that my husband will be going to Afgha.nistan in August for 6 months. He really wants to go, and I was convinced when he told me of the additional money he will that will pay for further IVF, and allow me a good amount of maternity leave if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again.
So the plan is that i'll do another IVF cycle just before he goes, and will continue while he is gone. Oh, and look after an 18 month old, super busy kid on my own. And work. I think we are a bit mad to take on so much, but the dangling carrot of another baby makes it seem worthwhile. And so the new chapter begins!
Next step is a hook up with my old RE who I haven't seen in almost 2 years. I'm nervous, excited and scared....