Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where I'm At

Things have been much better since the failed FET a few weeks ago.

My husband left on deployment a week ago. I was quite stressed out leading up to his departure, and the day he left was pretty awful too. Now I still miss him terribly, but I'm getting better at sorting out a little routine for my daugther and I and doing lots of fun things together.

Although I would have loved for the FET to work, I realise that it's easier and less stressful for me not to be pregnant and alone right now. My daughter is a very busy lady, and it's taking up all of my energy to look after her. My work has also been busy and I've been enjoying it.

I think I'll try another FET later in the year - maybe Novemeber or December.

Until then I've got some fun things planned. My parents are taking my daughter and I on vacation for two weeks. I've some little interstate trips planned to see some old friends. I'm taking my daughter to swimming and gym classes. And I've got lots of support from family and friends.

So overall I'm happy, and I'm so thankful for my beautiful life. Yes, I'd love to be pregnant again one day. But right now I'm enjoying loving my little girl and spending quality time together.